Monday, January 18, 2010

Deathsmiles is US-bound

The first big news of 2010 arrives thanks to Aksys games. Deathsmilies is one of the rare horizontal shooters Cave has released(next to Progear No Arashi and Deathsmiles 2). This is big news as this is the first Cave shooter released on US consoles.

Since I'm no good at regurgitating several day old news I may as well list my latest purchase:

Magna Carta 2 - Yeah I heard the first game wasn't so hot but hey apparently the sequel is better. Other than that I don't know much else about the game.

I also went to a few arcades and boy what a depressing sight they've become these days. I'll save it for another day maybe the second annual Arcade Appreciation April! Can't wait for that right?

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