Friday, September 3, 2010

Style Savvy arrived today.

There's unfortunately little else for me to say at the moment. As a straight male I'm not sure what compelled me to pick up a game centered around designing and selling fashionable clothes. It must be a combination of things:

Style Savvy aka "Wagamama Fashion: Girls Mode" was developed by Syn Sophia. Originally these guys were known as Aki Corporation and had their hands in developing a number of the best wrestling videogames on the market. Yeah I really have no idea how they landed this gig.

Girls Mode was a pretty big seller in Japan for quite awhile. So the assumption is that it must be one of the best games at what it does. So if I must play at least one fashion-design game in the world it should be a good one.

When I play games that offer customizable aspects (like fighting games) I tend to spend more time playing "dress-up" than anything else.

The intro starts off with the player receiving a phone call from the clothing store they just got a job at. It's their first day so they have to get everything in order(Name, age, that sort of thing). I'm kind-of not sure where to go from here because judging from the interior of the main character's bedroom it looks like I'm supposed to be a young woman. Usually this isn't a big deal for me because for most games when given the choice I always go with a female playable character. It's a bit off-putting here because no such choice exists.

Oh well I guess I'll just roll with it and see what happens. I really wish I could have thought of a better name than "Jenna" though. It seems like I always go with that name when the option comes up.

So far it's fun. It's all about reading the customer and determining what would be the best look for them. I'm still in what looks to be the tutorial though so I have quite a ways to go.

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  1. I have to say, this game intrigues me too -- mainly because it was so popular in Japan. Plus, it's just an unusual game -- part fashion-design simulation, part store-management simulation.