Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A bunch of random stuff

First off I'm going to start by saying thanks a freaking lot Microsoft. I really couldn't care less about paying for online play because 99% of the games that support it don't really interest me anymore. But to raise the price of a Gold subscription? That just reeks of arrogance. Honestly I'm kind of embarrassed to be supporting the system right now but XBLA and the XBL Indie games service are too good for me to ignore, same goes for the handful of exclusives that tend to target niche genres(like 2D shooters). Still it's pretty disgusting and just one of the many reasons why I'm not looking forward to the next generation of consoles.

I made a new game purchase. This time it's Ratchet & Clank: Crack in Time. I saw it for a good price and I've heard many a thing about how it's one of if not the best title in the series. I'll give it a go as my PS3 is going to get some much-needed attention.

Continuing on that note I've been playing some Yakuza 3. I really dig it. It's like one of those male power fantasies I've seen a lot of games described as. Basically I'm a middle-aged former Yakuza chairman whose mere presence can solve many problems and when that doesn't work out it's all up to pure brutality and some weapons to get things done. While the story generally keeps it pretty serious the game applies a bit of a fantastical element to it all. While the fighting isn't anything stylish it shows a certain dramatic flair and even a mundane date at the local karaoke joint becomes something special when the woman you're with is suddenly singing on stage and it's all somewhat corny but also really endearing. I was sort of indifferent to the cuts Sega of America made for this game but from the ten hours I've put in so far I'm already mega-disappointed there isn't more. Sure I apparently have 50+ more hours of stuff to do but ah hell I don't know, it still feels like I'm really missing out.

On the Nintendo DS front I just made one of my last purchases for the console. This time it's Style Savvy. Yep that's right Style Savvy. Boy I could just do that all day couldn't I? I bet it'd annoy the heck out of everyone. In real life I'm a pretty dull guy who dresses in plain clothes and spends more time in a work uniform than anything else. So obviously I must live out my dreams of fashion through various outlets. Style Savvy is considered one of the best games for this sort of thing and I'm sure I'll just have tons of fun owning my own clothing store and playing around with all of the hottest fashions. Oh and yes I'm being completely serious here. No guys it's not like that, I haven't given up the hardcore games, the beatemups, the shmups, or any of that other stuff. I just uh..happen to have some different interests.

I've been thinking about the whole retro thing lately and I figure the best way to talk up the finer points of those games is to...talk about the classics. To start with this blog is long overdue for a look at the older Castlevania games. Granted the relevancy of these games is questionable today and they use control schemes and level-designs that simply aren't being attempted anymore but all the same its influence is still there in even the most modern of modern action games. I guess I'm getting a little ahead of myself here but whatevs...I'll work it out somehow. I'll probably start off with the first or third Castlevania game and go from there.

And that's about it for now I believe.

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