Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh what a shock. More PSP game purchases.

Is it so wrong to take advantage of the best time to buy a PSP? The prices of these games are crazy cheap.

Half Minute Hero - In thirty seconds one man can save the world. Yeah I dunno how exactly that works out but this game is certainly different. It's got the retro-style and the goal of each level is to figure out the RPG trope to reach the boss(downed bridge? rock blocking passage? etc) all the while dealing with random battles, gathering loot, and gaining thirty seconds or more. It's kind of fun.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth - One of my favorite RPGs of the PSX era...well except for that process to get the best ending. It's either paying $12 for this and dealing with the issues like slowdown and whatnot or paying a million dollars for the original version.

The Legend of Heroes - Ys 7 hits tomorrow so I gotta bone up on my Falcom. Actually this game was $6 and I'm a sucker for bargain-bin titles.

Gunpey - One of the last works of the brilliant Gunpei Yokoi (Metroid, Game Boy, etc) is a puzzle game where lines must be manipulated to reach both ends of the play-field. It shares a trait with Lumines in that every few minutes a skin w/ music to match covers the surroundings of the screen. It's addictive like any good puzzler and the presentation is quite appealing.

Oh and I guess I'm buying Ys 7 tomorrow. Goodness I think I need to sell some stuff and/or quit a few jobs if I'm going to make time for all these games.

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