Friday, August 20, 2010

Phantasy Star Portable 2 is so wow

After getting caught up on the Phantasy Star Portable scene with the first release I got everything that I ever cared to know. The storyline is still awful, the characters are completely unlikeable stereotypes, but oh man it's so incredibly addictive. The formula has been all but perfected here as not a minute goes by where there isn't something to look forward to. The titles add achievement-esque goals that lead to unique awards, there all kinds of funky rares to grab no matter how useless they could possibly be, and the grind has been tempered just right so that it isn't nearly as bad as the original Phantasy Star Universe.

For those that haven't played the demo of PSP2 and consider themselves fans of the original there are no excuses. Portable 2 takes it to another level with a completely revamped system. Everyone is capable of blocking, dodge-rolling, and hell even parrying. There's something truly beautiful about blocking a dragon's charge at just the right moment and taking no damage. This leads to a battle system that's several times more engaging and challenging. The AI is also at least functional in this version instead of completely stupid. Sure most people will ignore it since infrastructure is supported now but hey it's a nice bonus for guys like myself who suffer from terrible wireless connections.

Couple all this with a fresh batch of characters that while stereotypical are still several leagues better than boring hero, intergalactic jailbait, large-chested woman who can't cook, and so on and so bleaugh. Sure I imagine most players couldn't care less about all that nonsense but eh well it's there.

Definitely can't wait to pick this up in September.

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