Thursday, August 26, 2010

Boug...uhhh Downloaded some games

Sometimes I forget that as a PC-owner I have access to hundreds of thousands of freeware games that cover practically every genre. Here's what I've picked up thus far:

Bunny Must Die - Apparently this game is by the guys behind Gundeadline and so on. It's a Metroid-styled game starring a bunny-girl who explores labyrinths and kills things by throwing crazy weapons and stopping time. The controls are pretty difficult to get into, the bosses are tough as hell, and there are insta-death spikes everywhere. I think I might be able to get into it eventually.

Elona - There's Rogue and then there's Rogue-like. This game is closer to the former. Death is pretty much a guarantee, there's all kinds of things that can happen that you have absolutely no control over, it's a complete dick of a game and yet it's pretty addictive. I'm not even sure if I'm making progress or not but whatever it's neat stuff. Unfortunately the UI is a serious hassle to navigate.

Something of Jabberwock - Okay I forgot the full title but it's those goofy Gundeadline guys at it again. This time they crossed a Zelda-type game with a bullet-hell shooter. Yeah I seriously have no idea what is going on, there are phase levels, I think maybe some kind of rank control, and oh look girls with no underwear straddling giant cannons. Yeah it'll take me awhile to figure this one out. Oh and as a bonus my anti-virus said the translation patch was a trojan. It's a false-positive more than likely but eh just throwing that out there.

Legend of Princess - Fans of Noitu Love will probably recognize this one. It's by the same developer and while it has uses a few Zelda references the game plays closer to a fast-action version of the Wonderboy games(as in the later titles like Monster World and Part IV). It's a short game at around 15 minutes but there's highscores to get and 6 different weapons/tools to use for a slightly different game every time.

Obake - This platformer is patterned after a number of similar games like uh..Kirby. Yeah you play as this ghost that can take the form of any creature wandering the levels. Each creature has their own power and beating the stage as well as finding all of the goodies requires this aspect to be taken full advantage of. It's nothing spectacular but it has its charm. The sound effects for jumps are incredibly bad though.

Castle of the Winds 1 & 2 - I got a lot of play out of these two games when I was much younger. Back then all of my PC gaming was done on a 386 and this game was pretty much the best thing going. It's a rogue-like in that while death is still a constant it's not nearly as final and for the most part it's really difficult to screw yourself or somehow end up in situations where you'll get screwed over no matter what. It's still a quality game despite looking like something that should have died with the late 80s.

Zelda Classic - As far as I'm concerned the original Zelda is still one of the best games ever made and even today I'll get a ton of play out of it. This fan-made version is extremely accurate down to how monsters react when they are hit at certain moments as well as the other mechanics that made Zelda such a unique game. There are also a ton of user-created games based off the engine, though it's likely that I'll never get around to playing them all. Still maybe I could dedicate an entire year to playing these titles or uh..yeah I better just stop right there. I couldn't even stomach a month of Megaman games, how could I possibly survive a year of fan-made Zelda titles?

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