Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Three day reviews

Starting next week I'm going to attempt something a little different. One of the problems with professional reviews is deadlines. In the race for hits having a review out there at or even before a game's launch is essential. Problem is when reviewers only have anywhere from a week to a couple days to play the game AND write their review there's going to be trouble. Inaccuracies, outright lies, and really just a complete lack of real in-depth critique. Then again that sort of analysis probably isn't a benefit to any of the major sites that have publishers leaning on them every time they talk about a game but at least something could be done about the false information.

Someone like myself wouldn't know anything about that because as you've seen I take my sweet time when it comes to getting reviews out. So by next Wednesday expect to see a review for a game I just started on Monday. To make this at least somewhat interesting I'm going to review games I've never even played before so it'll be almost as if the game had just come out.

I can't promise anything but I'll try to stick to longish games and if I don't beat them I don't beat them, that's just how it goes. This shouldn't affect any other reviews I post here as Monday and Tuesday will be devoted to just that one game, which means two days to play and one to write. I think this will be good practice and hey if nothing else it's at least one review per week.

Next Wednesday look forward to a review of From Software's Echo Night Beyond.

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