Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Websites to check out for May '09

You know how it goes. If you've managed to reach this blog before checking out any of the following sites then shame on you.

http://www.subspacedownloads.com/ - Home of Subspace/Continuum. Essentially this is a free online multiplayer shooter. Using an overhead view and a wealth of mods this game seeks out to suck up all of your free time. I've put several hundred hours into this game. No harm in checking it out right?

http://www.giantbomb.com/ - Giantbomb - I've heard several good things about this site and not surprisingly it lives up to the hype. There is a wealth of content here to check out for all types of gamers. Definitely recommended.

http://www.genesiscollective.com/ - Genesis Collective - The Genesis is one of my favorite game systems. Thus I find myself liking websites that focus on it. This site provides basic information on practically every Genesis/Mega-drive to ever come out. A fantastic way to spend a lonely Saturday night.

http://www.vgmuseum.com/ - Videogame Museum - Endings, scans, and all of that other good videogame-related stuff can be found here. Not much else to say.

http://www.archive.org/details/gamevideos - Archive.org's Gaming video section - Can't get enough videos of people playing videogames? Check this site out. Tons of speedruns in here.

http://www.letsplayarchive.com/ - Chances are if you've paid a visit to Somethingawful.com's gaming section you'll find people doing "Let's Play XXXXXX" threads. This site archives all of these Let's Plays in a handy, easy to read format. Hosts video LPs as well and just an absurd amount of content in general.

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