Friday, May 1, 2009

Plans for May 2009

This month I'm going to attempt the following:

-3D0 games - I have a library of nearly twenty 3DO titles I'd like to really sit down with and write about. Granted not all of them are great and some aren't even good but nonetheless there's no harm in discussing what I think of them.

-Virtual Console- One of the benefits of having a readily available collection of classic games is that I can look back at the titles I'm familiar with and see if they've gotten better or worse with age. Even though over the years I've played a fair majority of titles available on the Virtual Console I'll stick to reviewing the ones I actually own today. I wouldn't want to have to rely on my memory.

-Final Fantasy XII review- I tend to be several years late with all of my reviews. For the most part the money has already been made or lost and there's little my thoughts can do for older titles. I still think there will be merit to this review as this will be the second time I've played through FFXII, a rare feat for an RPG and especially one that runs 50 to 100 hours in length. I should also mention I absolutely hated this game the first time I played through it. Why would I go through it again? Well maybe this review will provide a reasonable explanation.

-Arcade titles- Just because it's the end of Arcade Appreciation April doesn't mean I'm done with arcade releases. I will however be slowing down with these reviews so I can focus on other games.

-Various other games- Everything else that won't fit into the above will be covered here. Unless something major happens the next several months are going to be very slow in terms of new releases(aside from Raiden Fighter Aces in May which I'm sure you've already preordered). Thus it looks like there will be more than enough time for me to go through my backlog and provide a fairly consistent stream of updates.

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