Thursday, May 21, 2009

Next Month: Genesis

This June I will start talking about one of my favorite systems the Sega Genesis(or Mega-drive if you prefer). I'll start off with a review of Sonic's Ultimate Genesis collection which is a great jump-off point for getting into the world of Genesis but from there I'll have to go with a combination of Virtual Console and Actual Console reviews(cause you'll miss out on a ton of games if you don't own the system itself).

Seeing as how this site really hasn't mentioned anything about multiplayer-focused games like online shooters, MMORPGs, and so on I'd also like to address that next month. It's not that I don't play these games it's just that I'd prefer not to talk about them as this blog needs some level of focus. So next month you'll see my "First and Last Word on Multiplayer". In these posts I'll write up short impressions on every multiplayer game and why I stopped playing. Main reason I don't go back to these games is that I simply like to play as many different games as possible. If I spend too much time on a single game I become complacent, my senses dull, and next thing I know I'm lost to the ether. 

And as usual there will be write-ups on the assortment of Virtual Console, Arcade-Appreciation, 3DO, and well whatever the heck other game I manage to finish up over the course of this month.

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