Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sega Vintage Collection Volume 2 arriving this June.

Sega has a knack for timing don't they? I announce that I'm going to start doing Genesis updates for this blog and they announce their next wave of XBox Live Arcade titles that consist (mostly) of Genesis games. Aside from the usual features like a variety of video options to make the games look worse than usual I figure there will also be online co-op(with bad net-code), leaderboards(ruined by cheating), and achievements(free 200 points...woo). All games will be 400 points($5..or however that works out in your country). 

Gunstar Heroes - June 10 -  I will pick this game up as I've sold off my Treasure Box version(Japan-only PS2 compilation of Gunstar, Alien Soldier, and Dynamite Headdy) and it's $3 cheaper than the Virtual Console release. At that time I will provide my review of it.  Good game btw but I'm sure everyone here already knows that. Oddly enough this is the only Vintage release that's also seeing a version on the Playstation Network.

Altered Beast - June 10 - This is based on the arcade version and there's not much else I can say about it. Great for the fans but ehhhh no not for me.

Shinobi (arcade) - June 10 - Thankfully even the  biggest cheaters will be hard-pressed to get the highest possible score in this game because there's so many secret ways to score huge points one would need quite a guide to find them all. Maybe Backbone(the company who  produces these re-releases) will have the foresight to disable save/reload states in order to access leaderboards but I highly doubt it. Still a classic game at least.

Comix Zone - June 10 - Still a worthwhile game if you're not planning on buying one of the many compilations it's already available on and/or you need the achievements.

Phantasy Star 2 - June 10 - In Japan Sega did a special re-release of all four Phantasy Star games for the PS2. This collection provided near-exact reproductions of the games while adding a number of note-worthy features like faster walking speed, increased exp/money gain, and a wealth of bonus features. In fact since this release(and other similar ones) contains all available regions of every game you could get all of these great options combined with a game that's playable in english. Why doesn't somebody consider adding in all of these features for any of the western-released compilations? They could even tack on a premium for it. Oh well. 

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - June 10 - I'll be covering this game on part 3 of my SUGC look. It's a decent enough game but still to this day I prefer the first Sonic the Hedgehog over the entire rest of the series. With that out of the way expect another free 200 achievement points(Well maybe not still costs $5 to buy the game).

Sonic and Knuckles - Late Summer 2009 - While this and Sonic 3 are available on SUGC it should be noted that Sega/Backbone didn't allow gamers to combine Sonic 3 with S&K to get Sonic 3 & Knuckles(which is pretty much the ultimate edition that creates one large game with additional areas and secrets). Thankfully(?) If you buy this release you can combine it with Sonic 3 XBLA to get Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Yeah figures they'd do that to score a few extra bucks off someone. 

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