Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm totally cutting back on the game purchases...really!

You know what this means folks. I just bought another batch of games to support my insatiable appetite. For whatever reason this update is PS3-themed.

God of War 1 & 2 Collection - Considering I reviewed a substandard clone by the name of Ninja Blade I figured I should give the real deal(s) another look. I played through both games back when they first came out and enjoyed them quite a bit. It was a simpler time back then though.

Demon's Souls - I heard this game sucks up all free time and that's good because I apparently don't have enough games that do that already. Still I'm going to put this one off until along with Valkyria Chronicles it'll be the only PS3 games I have left to look at for the moment.

3D Dot Heroes - Want something new? Well how about something old? Frankly I can't believe it either. A clone of the original Zelda game? Wow there hasn't been one of those since Neutopia 2? Okay maybe there was something later on and we can't forget all of the doujin/fan-made games that I can never remember the names of. Apparently this game is a big deal cause even the local Gamestop rep asked me about it. Last time that happened it was in regards to Deathsmiles and that was only because Aksys put together a special edition box so big there's no way you'd be able to lug it out of the store without dying of embarrassment.

I've also been debating on whether or not I should start attaching a score to all of my reviews. On one hand numerical scores make me want to throw up but on the other hand it seems like the only time people give a crap about reviews is when there's a random number at the end of them. With an attitude like this it seems like scores are doomed to failure as far as this site is concerned. Still I think I can make it work somehow if I put my own little spin on the system. If I do decide to try scores expect it to start at the beta stage as I won't try it with games I've already looked at.

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