Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's that sound? That's right it's the sound of games being bought.

First off cut me a bit of slack here because for once I've been putting forth the effort to complete some games. I finally beat Bladestorm after nearly 50 hours and I'm already making great progress in Devil Summoner 2. Granted that's hardly a chip in my ginormous backlog but whatevs it's not like I have deadlines or anything.

Duel Hearts...or is it Dual Hearts? - Yeah I already forgot the title of this game so it's off to a promising start. It was cheap and I think that was the sole reason I bought it.

Transformers 2004 - I couldn't come up with a better title for this game but from what I've read it's actually pretty good. I guess this version is based off of the Transformers Armada series which I remember despising due all the annoying kids and their minicons. It was also cheap. Apparently I should consider focusing this blog on bargain bin titles since it seems like that's all I buy.

Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance - I may as well admit that I love this game. No really I LOVE this game. I have the Xbox version already but no Xbox so I had to buy this game again cause I can't go without my Beatdown fix. It's not a particularly good game but uh there's something about it that...would be best saved for a review.

I've also been playing Drakengard. Despite everything I've seen and heard about this game it all did little to dissuade me from giving it a go. It certain lives up to the expectations I'll say that much.

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