Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More games purchased and oh hey Deathsmiles

Yep here we go again. Used game racks at Gamestop are like strawberry-kiwi flavored crack to me.

Spy Fiction - From the makers of Deadly Premonition!...yeah. Apparently this game is a Metal Gear Solid rip with maybe some good ideas floating about. If I can find the early PS2 launch title Extermination I'll have the DP developer's entire library...unless of course they did work on a dozen other games in the past.

Time Shift - I heard some good things about this FPS, it was cheap as all hell, and I even got a making-of DVD! Yeah I dunno why this was done either. Granted every third-rate movie manages to get a DVD with making of featurettes and other nonsense but it's still an unheard of thing for games. Yeah I'm getting sidetracked here. I should be way more interested in being able to control time and stuff while shooting people.

Now then I've already put about five playthroughs into Deathsmiles(that's one for each playable character). People weren't kidding when they said it was one of Cave's easiest games. However that's not accounting for the interesting way difficulty is handled. The player chooses the next stage and they can also choose the rank setting, which affects things like the difficulty of the boss and so on. After so many ranks enemies start to produce suicide bullets and this is where it tends to get insane.

Still in my first hour I managed to get a 1CC though I pretty much ignored things like the EX stage(a completely optional stage for those looking for some challenge and big points) and I stayed at the first rank for the entire playthrough. It's definitely a load of fun and I expect it to get better when I can get more comfortable with the harder ranks.

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