Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Youtube Recommendation - HideofBeast's channel

With the Megaman Zero collection hitting this week I've gotten slightly hyped about Megaman again. No that doesn't mean I plan on buying the MMZ set any time soon because I value my sanity. Still there are few things more impressive than to watch somebody ace a Megaman game like it was nothing at all.

HideofBeast is always pushing himself with brutal challenges for the toughest Megaman games. At times he also provides commentary. It's a nice touch though kind of disconcerting when on-screen he's absolutely destroying a stage but in the commentary he's talking about how much of a badly designed mess it is. Needless to say watching the Megaman X6 vids has me thinking I won't be playing that one again anytime soon.

Anyway I should probably get back to playing a few games myself. I'll probably focus on trying to get my money's worth out of ESP Galuda 2. Deathsmiles will be out by the end of the month and I have to accomplish at least something of merit in Galuda 2 before I can move on(a review couldn't hurt either).

I'm also embarrassed to admit that Super Mario Galaxy 2 has already collected a thin layer of dust. I think I mentioned before my TV is pathetic and just not fit for a game of SMG2's caliber. A new TV would be ideal but unless I stumble upon some large sum of money that's just not happening.

I finished Bionic Commando(that new one on the PS3 & 360) and honestly it's not even worth a review. It's not terrible or anything but there's just nothing worthwhile about it. Even if it was a horrendous game I'd at least have something to talk about Noooooooo it's just some merely adequate fluff that's good enough to kill a weekend and nothing else.

BTW Snoopy's Flying Ace is really good. Shame my XboxLive Gold Account just ended.

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