Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'll stop buying new junk eventually

I know I should be focusing 100% on arcade games but c'mon at times I just can't help it. I gotta blow money on junk I just might never get around to. If it's any consolation I've been doing some selling and trade-ins so it's not like I'm losing money.

Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition - Yeah I traded Metro 2033 for this. I think I've more than tripled the number of hours I spent on this game over the entirety of Metro. I can't help it because F3 reminds me of Test Drive Unlimited. This is the kind of game that serves as a good supplement for other games I'm playing. Nothing like cooling down from a heavy gaming session by wandering the wastes and shooting the heads off things with a Gauss Rifle.

Disgaea 3 - Despite ending my turbulent love affair with dungeon crawlers I still can't get enough of watching numbers rise. Maybe if I bought less games I could just stare at my bank account but for some reason there aren't any sickeningly cute anime characters involved.

Killzone 2 - My Playstation 3 purchase is all but imminent at this point and I doubt Disgaea 3 will provide much of a graphical showcase so eh may as well roll with this and see what happens. Could turn out pretty decently!

IronClad - This one is quite a surprise. We're talking an ultra-rare Neo-Geo CD only 2D shooter that runs for somewhere north of $300 that's now available on the Virtual Console. Hopefully the game isn't complete and utter trash.

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