Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Online gaming look: Shooters

As I mentioned before the main focus of this site will be on single-player games. While up to now most of the games reviewed could be classified as "retro" I assure you that I'm not one of those guys who can't play anything modern. It just so happens however that most of my modern gaming time has been spent with online titles. 

I'm going to start with the online shooter(first person or otherwise). I will discuss what I liked about these games and why I eventually quit playing them. Since I'm working off of memory here I'm more likely to be wrong about certain aspects. At this point however it really doesn't matter because I don't plan on ever going back to these games and that's the final word.

Lost Planet Colonies - While I dabbled a bit in the original version of Lost Planet I didn't really care for the multiplayer. All of the constant stumbling, rolling, rockets going off everywhere, and the unbalanced mechs quickly turned me away from the game. Despite that I found myself attached to Colonies thanks to the additional modes, re-balanced maps(some of them provided far too great an advantage to one side), and well...I'm not sure what else. I guess it was all thanks to good timing. Main reason I quit this game is because I sold it. Needed the money for more important things...this happens quite often.

Shadowrun - To this day I still think Shadowrun for the 360/PC gets a lot of undeserved hate. It's an interesting shooter with a surprising amount of depth. Aside from going with the right weapons you have to consider what spells you need, what strategies the enemies are employing, and learn to develop your tactics to match the current situation. It's definitely not for everybody but I found it quite enjoyable. I'm not even sure why I sold it exactly. 

FEAR 1 - For starters this was the Xbox 360 version and in all honesty I really wasn't enjoying this one from the beginning. Everyone was using the same gun in multiplayer and everyone seemed to die far too quickly, which kind of renders all of those neat abilities useless. I simply couldn't get into it at all.

Halo 3 - While I appreciated all of the options this game provided I just found it too daunting. The people I was usually placed against were far above my league and I'd spend many games simply trying to keep from dying every few seconds. Maybe if I had more free time I'd feel differently but for the most part it just wasn't working out.

Gears of War 2 - The trouble with lots of online games is that the first few weeks or even months can be filled with issues. Gears 2 was(and probably is) no exception. It was bad enough that the campaign felt like a major disappointment compared to the first game but the absolutely broken chainsaw just made most multiplayer battles completely ridiculous. Course it also didn't help that I didn't care for the multiplayer in Gears 1 as well. The Horde mode was quite good though and one of the few things I wanted from the original that was addressed properly.

Quake III and Unreal Tournament - I'm putting these two together because I simply can't play either of them. Stick me in either of these games and I feel like an old man. I don't have the reaction speed nor the careful aim to keep up with these "youngsters" doing rocket-jump off the ramp headshots from 3 miles away. I think both games are utterly fascinating and feature unheard-of levels of depth but for me at least they're impossible.

Halo 1 - I spent a ridiculous amount of time at college playing this game. Yes it was the inferior PC port but I really didn't care. It had a lot of flaws certainly(like that pistol) but between that and 2D shooters it was all I played for at least a year or two. Eventually I had to quit cold turkey and snapped the disc in two. Only other game I've done this with is Suikoden IV(which is hardly comparable since I broke that game because it was a total piece of garbage).

Team Fortress Classic - I got into this one several years after launch. Needless to say I was at a disadvantage throughout my entire TFC career. Regardless I stuck it out and while I don't have any real accomplishments to my name I'll say that I had a really good time with this one. Unfortunately due to the lack of a viable PC(this and everyone of my other updates to this blog have been brought to you via an old laptop with loose screws that overheats when I watch too much youtube) I have yet to check out Team Fortress 2. There's a good chance I'd enjoy that one more.

Counter-Strike - I have honestly never played this game. 

Sub-space/Continuum - I can safely say that even though I haven't touched this game in years it is still by far my most-played online shooter. As far as specific modes I'd have to say Trench Wars and Death Star Battles were at the top of my list whenever I played. There's little else I want to say about this one because even thinking about it makes me want to download the game again. 

And...that's it. Seriously I'm not much of a shooter fan. So if for some odd reason you're wondering why I couldn't care less about Modern Warfare 2 or whatever other big title is due out in the near future this is as far as I'm willing to go in the genre.

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