Saturday, June 20, 2009

Genesis June being cut short/Plans for July

While I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the rest of this month I am going to cut short the Genesis updates for now. Biggest problem is I can't seem to keep my console from producing this godawful sound. I've tried all of the suggestions and I think my only option left is to buy another system. Considering I've spent almost as much money on getting the sound to work properly as I have on games I think it's time I break for a bit before I go insane.

Granted I hate to stop when I still have some truly excellent games to look at like Rocket Knight Adventures I simply need a break from this system. It may sound petty but there you go.

Anyway June & July look to be great months for 2D Fighting game fans since just off the top of my head we have Blazblue, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, and King of Fighters XII. Unfortunately I'm not much for talking about fighting games so even if I purchase all three of these titles you're very unlikely to see a post about them.

July is looking to be just a regular potpourri of older games but at least not as old as the Genesis. Heck I might even do a couple reviews of games made in this console generation. Would that be crazy or what?

While I'm not confirming anything I do want to look at games like Raiden Fighter Aces(yes more 2D shooters. Sorry), Shadow of The Colossus(Great game), Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter(ditto), Shinobi PS2(ditto again), Capcom Classics Collection volume 2(lots of good ones), and well whatever else I can squeeze in. 

Another thing I've been meaning to do is to write reviews for this website called XBLA and XNA ratings. As the title says this is a site that has reviews for potentially every XBLA and XNA release. Granted XBLA reviews are a dime a dozen usually but there's simply not enough information out there about XNA games. So anyway I'd like to get to working on that sometime very soon.

I'm also seriously eyeing a new PC but chances are if I go through with it I'll be too busy playing Morrowind to consider reviewing any games. Although given the chance I'd really like to check out Team Fortress 2 as well. I was a huge fan of TFC and while I enjoyed the little I played from the 360 release of The Orange Box that version is so outdated I couldn't possibly imagine spending a serious amount of time with it. As a bonus I'll also be able to access my Steam account and play through the dozens of older FPS titles I've accumulated over the years. I've always been more partial to older shooters that focused more on actual level design over scripted scenarios. If this ever comes about you can be sure I'll look at one of my favorite FPS games of all time: Quake 1.

Oh and before I forget I welcome any and all feedback regarding this blog. If you have a suggestion there's a very good chance I'll honor it. Right now I'm still feeling around and trying to figure out where I stand so any comments are much appreciated. 

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