Thursday, April 23, 2009

Websites to check out for April '09

As expected here are my recommended links for websites you've probably already been to. - - This is the home of Angry Video Game Nerd. Essentially it's a series of videos where a Nerd plays Video Games and gets Angry about them. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.

El Miqueo - - A good blog for staying updated with gaming-related announcements. Just a warning though as the site is in Spanish. That's nothing a little google translate and/or learning the language can't fix though right?

Shmups! - - If you're familiar with the 2D shooter genre you've already seen this site. Regardless maybe you could see it again. Heck I dunno.

Super-Play! - - Website filled to the gills with people kicking butt at a great number of games(mostly arcade). Definitely worth checking out but please be kind and follow the rules on the site.

Ben Shinobi - - In the same vein this is the home of the fantastic gamer Ben Shinobi. Feel free to check out his many videos where he shows off his impressive skills in a variety of arcade games.

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