Thursday, April 2, 2009

AAA looks at: Fifty Arcade games that are worth your time and other things.

Some of you folks may be familiar with this:

Unfortunately as all of you can see I never quite got around to finishing this piece. So in honor of AAA it's time I go back and finish what I started. To hopefully make this more than a mere copy & paste I'm going to take another look as to whether or not these games really deserve to be in the list and work in some more details on what really makes them so great.

I also want to take a more in-depth look at this collection:

Quite a handful of games on Taito Legends 2 are not what I would refer to as classics. However they all have their place and show how Taito has grown as an arcade-game developer. Even the worst games in this collection have some significance and I hope to expound upon that in the very near future.

On April 5th Gamestop is running their Gamerdays sale and one of the listed items is Namco Virtual Arcade Museum which is apparently going to run for only $15. Really it's an absolutely insane deal seeing as how it includes 9 XBLA titles(which altogether would normally run $60) and it even includes 20+ arcade games including a few PSP remakes. I'll go ahead and point out unfortunately that the emulated arcade games aren't perfect(borders and no ability to TATE aka tilt your TV/monitor to get the original aspect ratio of vertically oriented games) but they're a good enough representation so gamers can pick their favorites for when a better version comes along(like the Virtual Console Arcade, which is getting massive Namco support). Regardless there's a large number of Namco arcade classics I'd like to go over so it should be worth a look.

Cause arcade games are the best. Why are the best? It's simply because they have to be. It takes as much as $60 or more to determine if a console game is bad. An arcade game on the other hand? As little as 25 cents. Course I guess that saying loses its relevance these days with the whole death of arcades and all that but I still think it applies.

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