Saturday, April 11, 2009

50 Great Arcade games #6 - Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug 3 was an easy choice to make when I considered this list. The Metal Slug games are spectacular so why not go with the best of them? Though personally I favor Metal Slug X because it's a fair bit easier MS3 is without a doubt the most polished and features the most variety of any game in the series. 

Probably the biggest inclusion to this entry is the numerous multiple(and even optional) paths you can take throughout the game. Like many other games that offer multiple paths you can expect to find some are harder than others, while some might have more prisoners to rescue. The optional paths are also very interesting as you may find yourself fighting enemies you wouldn't see otherwise while riding some unique vehicles.

The basic mechanics are just as solid as any other Metal Slug. You jump, you shoot, you throw grenades, get more powerful weapons with limited ammo, and die in one hit. Unlike most arcade games you can't get any extra lives no matter where you go or how many points you score. This coupled with the fact that you lose all of your prisoners(thus costing you major end of stage bonuses) when you die makes this a difficult game for scoring.

The Metal Slug series shows an astounding mastery of the mechanics of a game. Everything is sensibly designed and every encounter is crafted perfectly. Though a stray bullet is enough to do you in no matter where you're at the environment is designed to provide you the best chances of survival. Getting through fights unscathed despite the enormous odds really shows just how well designed this game is.

Tough game though, really tough, I still suck badly at it.(to put it into comparison I can one-life the first four stages of Metal Slug 2 quite easily but I'm lucky to one-life the first stage of Metal Slug 3)


My opinion hasn't changed much on this game. Though I will say bossfights run a bit too long if the player is stuck with the default weapon. Sure the obvious answer to that problem is to simply not die but c''s Metal Slug 3. Oh and I still suck pretty badly at this game. 

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