Saturday, April 9, 2011

Okay...MAYBE I'll be in condition to write reviews again soon.

Fact of the matter is I've been a mess these past few days.
If you haven't already you should probably check out my review of Dynasty Warriors 7 because as of this writing at least 42 people like it. After that though it has been a slump...a very nasty slump. Currently the only thing holding me together to write this update is a cocktail of every sort of cough remedy I can purchase without a prescription. Obviously none of them work but they have made me a bit loopy which is better than nothing I suppose.

In any case I turn the big three zero in a few days and uh...strike that. Actually I'm turning twenty-nine for the second time in a few days. The big thing now is getting healthy and I want to ditch this cough and maybe work up a nice bod so I can throw on a luchadore mask, pretend I'm El Blaze from Virtua Fighter 5, and go around telling everyone my body is an unstoppable...weapon! Hopefully along the way I'll write some great reviews.

But seriously this cough has been the WORST. It's one thing to have a cough but when you cough every 30 seconds for the entire day you'll hardly be able to put together a coherent thought. This has delayed reviews and made me pretty dang miserable. The last thing I need is to be miserable and unable to hold a thought together for a review.

So wish me the best and I'll see what I can do about getting back on track.

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