Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Game of the year Awards

Everyone else does these silly awards so I figure I better join in.

Best Soundtrack for the Worst Game - Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

The soundtrack is fantastic but it is wasted on a miserable pile of drek. I understand the game has fans and everything but it's most likely because of the great music that improves anything it accompanies.

Least-talked about Game of the Year - Protect Me Knight

This absolutely brilliant game is going almost entirely ignored and honestly it kind of bugs me. Well I'm done talking about it so whatever.

Favorite character - Francis York Morgan

The star of Deadly Premonition makes the game work via his quirky behavior and excellent characterization.

Worst story - Metroid: Other M

It'd be one thing if the storyline to this game was merely terrible. However what we have here is a story that completely destroys Samus Aran's credibility. This excellent article deserves a read.

Most pain-inducing game - Final Fantasy XIII

It hurts to play this game. Everything from the story to the characters just makes me wonder why I even bother with videogames.

Least-played Game of the Year - Dead Rising 2

Since the original Dead Rising is one of the best games I've ever played I figure a sequel that improves upon it in every way should be at least a GOTY contender. Problem is I've yet to beat the game, heck I've put less than ten hours into it so far. How depressing.

Honorable mention - Super Mario Galaxy 2

How else can I put this...oops?

Most over-played Game of the Year - Phantasy Star Portable 2

All that time I could have spent playing real GOTY-contenders was instead spent getting phatter loot and raising levels in this masterpiece by Sega. The new features and abilities are amazing additions and all but wow...who cares? I should be talking about Red Dead Redemption, Starcraft 2, or some other game I have no interest at all in.

Lifetime Achievement Award - Cavia

I love these guys. It's such a shame that they're no more.

Best game of 2010(or at least current best because I'm playing it right now and it's a lot of fun) - Just Cause 2

Oh man! This game is so much fun. I just love zipping around on a grappling hook and soaring away on a parachute to get out of danger. Plus there's like a constant stream of objects to blow up and rewards to collect and that's always cool.

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