Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas is mine

Yeah I have it and am too busy playing it to talk about it...much

-It's tough..definitely tougher than Fallout 3.
-Looks the same. It looks a bit better but still..looks the same.
-Haven't hit any bugs yet. Okay I've hit a lot of bugs but those are of the mutant variety. I did see a radscorpion stuck in the ground which counts I guess.
-There's all this new stuff about differing factions and multiple grades of ammo. I'm not sure if all this is necessary but once I stop getting pounded by giant scorpions I'll delve into it.
-Hey a hardcore mode. I was whining about the un-hardcoreness of Fallout 3 and look what Obsidian does. Now I actually gotta eat, drink, and get plenty of sleep? By God they made poor Jenna into a human. I'm not messing with that mode just yet howevs.

Oh and I also bought Etrian Odyssey 3 because I am easily wooed by the combination of store credit and used games. I'll get to that one eventually.

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  1. let me know how it is and ill totally buy it from you when your done if you want.