Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yet again with these random game pick-ups

PGR4 - It's cheap, it's kind of arcadey, and it looks good on my monitor. Do I need anymore reason to pick this up?

Intellivision Lives - I was an Atari guy back then so I never got to play this nor the Colecovision. Should be an interesting trip down memory lane...even though I have no memories of this system...

Mass Effect 2 - I liked the original game despite its numerous flaws and Amazon had a good deal going.

Valkyria Chronicles - Yes I'm well aware I picked a helluva time to be interested in a PS3 but all the same I'm sure I'll get a hold of one eventually. In preparation I picked up this game cause I've heard innumerable great things about it. Now all I can do is watch and wait.

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