Saturday, March 20, 2010

Latest threat to productivity - Perfect Dark XBLA

I'm really loving this game. I owned it on the N64 but having a version that runs at 60 fps and at a resolution of 1080P is just amazing. The online play is tolerable despite the near constant pauses and hitches(which I assume will be ironed out in a patch) but more importantly it's just good addictive fun.

Problem is of course is that I really should be focusing on other games. I'm about halfway through Metro2033 and while so far I think it's great at the same time I'm too busy with Perfect Dark to go back. There's also Mass Effect 2 which is a substantial improvement over nearly all aspects of the original game. Yet instead I'm spending more time blowing people up with proximity mines than focusing on something at least mildly productive.

I'm sure it'll all sort out eventually and I'll hopefully have something worth talking about before April hits. Cause with Arcade Appreciation month it's going to be nothing but Arcade games.

Slightly speaking of a new game arrived today:

Atari Anthology - Yeesh these compilations are such a ridiculous value. Let's see now I get 67 Atari 2600 games and 18 early Atari Arcade games for $10. From what I can tell the emulation is at least competent and it'll give me some idea of what games I want to pick up for when Microsoft's Game Room hits next week. So between Activision Anthology, Atari Anthology, and Intellivision Lives maybe in May I'll do another themed month and give it some Unfunny title.

Course I dunno. April is starting to look pretty stuffed now and that's not even considering the possibility of more arcade games being released through the Game Room service. I might just devote both April and May solely to Arcade games.

Still trying to find a Playstation 3. No luck...

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