Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Okay I thought I was getting my laptop back but guess what? It's dead. There's no saving it at this point so my only option is a new computer. Throw in the fact that I just replaced my car battery and those plans of buying a new HDTV/PS3/PSP/??? are slipping away rapidly. Looks like I'll have to put together a little ebay sale before long if I'm ever going to get out of this dinky 19" Sylvania TV that my room-mate loaned me.

But enough whining it's time for a look at what games I've picked up since the last update -

Rygar (PS2) - Like Ninja Gaiden this 80s game saw a revival in the form of a Devil May Cry-esque 3D action game. So far I can say I've done much worse for less than $5. The soundtrack is fantastic as well.

Sacred 2 - I've said before that I'm a sucker for loot-based action RPGs and Sacred 2 is definitely all about that. I actually just quit this game because I am sick of it. I'll explain myself just as soon as I can put together a reliable update again.

Bujingai - I'm actually not 100% if I even have this game yet. I'm still waiting for it to arrive and in fact its doubtful that I even purchased this game from a reliable seller. Too bad cause this game is by Red Entertainment and looks kind of interesting. Hopefully things work out.

Daytona USA: Championship Edition (JPN) - This is the second Daytona USA game that saw release on the Saturn. The main reason I purchased this was because I read somewhere that the JP version offers an option for the original game's handling. Unfortunately maybe it's due to being shipped to Japan or something else but the package has taken quite awhile to arrive. Maybe the Winter Haven Post Office doesn't have their stuff together. I wouldn't be surprised because they've lost one of my packages before.

Oh and how could I possibly forget about the biggest game of this month? That's right Mushime-sama Futari and it's out next week! Okay sure it won't arrive in my home until sometime in December but hey still hyped.

Hopefully my fortunes change in the near future cause I'm absurdly behind on this blog.

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