Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reviews that I have done for Extraguy

For the sake of convenience here are links to some of the reviews I have written for the indie/downloadable gaming site Extraguy.

Consider following the site because I can't keep track of everything I write for them on my own. Sheesh Loouieesh

Xbox Live Arcade / Xbox Live Indie Games
Unfortunately it looks like the website is currently down, so I don't recommend checking any of the links.

Lair of The Evildoer
Adventures of Shuggy
Monsters in Neon Space
Lair of the Evildoer
Battle For Venga Islands
Rushing Punch
Mr. Gravity
Trouble Witches Neo
Nin2 Jump
Mimi In the Sky
Wizard's Keep
Defy Gravity
Bird Assassin
Battle High: San Bruno
Cthulhu Saves The World
Sword and Hammer
Ugly Americans

Playstation Network

Moon Diver
Legend of Mana
Ridge Racer Type 4
Vagrant Story
Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder

I'm also running a weekly column for covering XBLIG releases. Check it out:

Week 1, June 2011
Week 2, June 2011
Week 3, June 2011

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