Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yeesh what the heck happened?

I'm finally getting some decent internet access within the next couple days(hopefully in time for Guwange XBLA) so hopefully I'll be able to start rolling out the updates with some consistency.

Oh yeah more games bought:

Urban Chaos: Riot Response - An FPS from the guys behind Batman: Arkham Asylum? Sure why not.

Metal Gear Ac!d 2 - I thought I'd give one of these a whirl eventually. It basically plays like an MGS game except turn-based and you choose your next move via a deck of cards. I've never been much for card-games so it'll take awhile for me to get into this one.

Etrian Odyssey 3 - I wasn't the biggest fan of the second one but when has that ever stopped me from buying any other game? Oh and I'm a few hours in and already getting whipped multiple times over.

Singstar: ABBA - I was wandering around Gamestop and boom a set of Singstar mics for $10. I immediately snagged this for another $10 because I love ABBA. It's uh kind of punishing I gotta admit. I have a bit of a problem with my pitch when I sing so my ratings have been terribad on every song (though I got a "hopeful" rating for Does Your Mother Know..hmm.

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