Friday, December 11, 2009

Mushihime-sama Futari has arrived!

It took a few weeks but finally Cave's latest console port is in my hands.

There's not a whole lot I can say at this point as I've barely spent a couple hours with it. It's certainly challenging as I've yet to even scratch the harder settings.

There's even a novice setting for when your newborn infant wants to play. Then again it'd probably be a bit too easy for him/her.

The arrange mode is a real oddball. It's also very easy but it puts a huge emphasis on scoring using an interest character-swapping/bullet-reflecting system. At the moment I can't make heads or tails of it but triggering fever mode is always a thrill.

Reko(the heroine) is certainly an interesting piece of work. For one I'm scared to say much of anything about her because I believe she's under-age. She may look 18 or so but I'm pretty sure that along with everything else she was designed to never age(despite this game has to take place at least a year after the events of the first). Everything else about her physically borders on the point of hilarity. For one her dress is designed to hug every possible curve, she rides a massive beetle while striking provocative poses, and she wears a bow on her neck with a ribbon that hangs low enough to be perpetually squished between her...well you get the idea.

Still it's good clean fun as the entirety of the game is spent dodging purple death while mashing bugs into stew and collecting copious medals. It is amusing how much the landscape has changed for shooters though. Used to be we'd all fly ships and blow up other ships or tanks. Now we control teenage girls in tiny outfits who let out high-pitched screams when their all too fragile lives are snuffed out. I guess I can't complain though as the games are still very good.

Anyway I'm going to keep playing this at least until ESP Galuda 2 hits the Xbox 360 in late February. Hopefully this release will be region-free as well.

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