Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bought some more games.

One of the major reasons I started this blog is that I have a serious problem with getting rid of games before I spend at least a significant amount of time with them. I'll buy a stack of new titles, put five minutes into each of them, and throw them in a closet somewhere or on ebay. At least with this blog I have to put in a serious effort in order to make any claims about the game's quality. With that out of the way here are my latest pick-ups:

Shadow Tower - I guess it's some first-person action RPG ala King's Field by From Software.

Crimson Sea 2 - Shooter Action game by Koei. I played a bit of the first one on the Xbox and enjoyed it but somehow it became a victim of my serious problem.

Midway Arcade Treasures volume 2 - Sooner or later I was going to get around to picking this up. Luckily an opportunity presented itself.

Nightshade - The sequel to Shinobi PS2. I've played through this game before but I figure if I'm going to take another look at this game it's best not to do so off of memory. Besides it was only $4.

Rising Zan - Some kind of Cowboy Samurai guy or something. I've heard a lot of things about this game yet I'm only just now getting around to checking it out.

Jumping Flash! 2 - Can you believe I've never played a Jumping Flash game? Well I'm going to fix that and see what all the fuss is about.

Crimson Tears - Some action game by Capcom. I don't remember reading much of anything on this game so hey why not? 

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