Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Websites to check out for March '09

Once a month I'll list several websites that I think everyone should check out at least once.

Hardcore Gaming 101 - - This is a fine website with overviews and impressions of hundreds of popular and lesser known titles. 

Costume GET! - - This blog is devoted almost entirely to videogame costumes. It doesn't deal with cosplay stuff however. Very interesting read if you're into that sort of thing.

System 16 - - A great resource for arcade games. Actually for me at least it's simply a very depressing read knowing that so many of these games never saw a console port.

Shoot The Core - - Excellent site for 2D shooter fans. Also check out the PC Shooter database for over a thousand freeware PC shooters, some of them are quite excellent.

Streets of Rage Remake Project - - I'm a huge Streets of Rage fan and seeing a freeware project like this almost brings a tear to my eye. The authors behind this remake are painstakingly fixing, adding, and in general re-creating the series from scratch to deliver the ultimate Streets of Rage experience. Be sure to check out the beta version, it's really well-done.

UK Resistance - - British humor and Sega. I find it difficult to go wrong with this combination.

Namako Team - - Granted it looks like this site won't be updating anytime soon but there's still a number of things there worth checking out.

Sega-16 - - For fans of the Sega Genesis this is the site to be at.

Will post more links around the same time next month.

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